Client: Weight Watchers

Scope:  Weight Watchers Online Subscription Series; Copywriting for U.S. Online Program

Mission:  Increase new member acquisition and retention in the new online environment for this classic weight loss brand by testing offer-strategy, copy and landing pages in an A/B and multi-variate testing matrix.

Key Insight:  Video can be a proxy, but only in part, for matching the tone and tenor of a supportive weight management environment. The surprise is the promise of "live" video conferencing to herald the future of counseling sessions as well as "one-on-one" partner support.

Perspectives:  "Classic lead generation goes digital in a fraction of the time. Now that's 'Wait Loss!' - Who's Testing What

Categories: Advertising/Collateral, Branding, Content, Direct Marketing, Identity, New Product, SEO, SEP, Social Media