Can a marketing communications initiative actually guarantee a successful outcome? At Idea Bank, we have designed and developed a Project Analytics methodology that proves how it can!

Traditional Web Analytics measure the success of a project after the fact, the “post-mortem” of a campaign after the decisions have been made and the results have been tallied.

Conversely, Idea Bank’s Project Analytics approach uses advanced modeling techniques including predictive results texting, multi-variate (Tamaguchi) testing, trend and traffic volume projections and data-based insights, supported by leading diagnostic and simulation tools, to forecast the outcomes of end-user behavior, degrees of interaction, and benchmarked conversion optimization ahead of the campaign results.

Interested in real accountability? Idea Bank’s Project Analytics approach integrates all cost factors, “best of breed” technologies, testing and tactics across all of the critical components of a project’s life cycle — auditing all engagement points and calls-to-action, from landing pages and offers, to design elements and “triggers,” to usability and engagement features (site “stickiness”), search engine ranking and advertising, and social media extensions. What “clicks” with your target audience? Find out ahead of time and fine-tune your trajectory even before your campaign goes live.

Project Analytics protects your marketing investment in technology and infrastructure by accounting for a Web site’s future needs including scalable architecture and features extensibility, built-in to the Technical Specification.

By quantifying and qualifying the pros and cons, defining the specifications, sifting and sorting the alternatives, and designing a solution that works — then making it work — our Project Analytics approach fashions the blueprint for your program’s success.

Without Project Analytics, the outcome of a project is unpredictable and unknown. With Project Analytics, you take control. Now you are able to co-pilot your project to its successful destination.

We invite you to experience the industry’s most accountable online communications solutions by tapping the power of Project Analytics.

At Idea Bank, curating the perfect client experience isn’t science fiction. It’s an analytics-based reality!