The Idea Bank was founded at the dawn of the Internet era when the prototypes of today’s online leaders were being forged in the Emerald Forest of the Puget Sound.

We chronicled our industry’s progress daily as online community organizers, videographers, content marketers and journalists alongside our “sister company,” Seattle’s premiere online business magazine and directory:  Seattle24x7. Check it out!

If you’re a fan of AMC’s “Mad Men,” you’ll appreciate how our agency began at a true “pivot point” in ad/marketing history.

Point A: the summit of direct response advertising where marketers applied the science of geo-demographic and lifestyle targeting (think NDL, PRISM, VALS, ACORN and more) to produce more qualified lead generation, constantly tested and beat “control packages” and performed strategic content development in direct response, print and TV formats.

Point B: the hyper-accelerated ability to do the same kind of targeting, modeling and “closed loop” marketing online — except exponentially faster, with greater precision and effectiveness.

Combining content creation — copywriting, scriptwriting, storytelling, motion graphics, video, and impeccable design — with online analytics was a natural evolution for us. Over the years, our clients have benefitted from Idea Bank’s analytics-driven, performance-proven approach to winning results.

At The Idea Bank, we look at your online marketing in terms of your ultimate goals: qualified lead generation, optimized conversions,  real customer and community engagement, a profitable cost-per-acquisition and an accountable return-on-investment.

Our first step is analyzing the Key Performance Indicators governing your success. Based on the factors that most directly influence user behavior and conversion events, we will recommend and implement the steps necessary to improve those KPI’s.

The bottom line: The Idea Bank’s goal is to curate the perfect project experience for our clients. We call it “Project Analytics.”  Our services are uniquely designed to allow you to constantly re-evaluate and continually refine your options, incrementally and iteratively. The rest, as they say, is history!