Client: Great Western Bank, HR Presentation

Scope:  Company-wide Intranet Presentation of New Employee Benefits Program and Options.

Mission:  Present a richly-imagined, employee-piloted, cafeteria-style HR benefits plan in an engaging, informing and highly memorable way.

Key Insight:  With their engaging story telling and side-splitting humor, professional comedians have proven to be the ideal actors for breaking through the inertia of the corporate workday and delivering important information that overcomes employee disinterest in an entertaining way that is easy to assimilate and digest. Like "Reality Television," the format also happens to be more economical to produce.

Perspectives:  These highlights are from the multiple award-winning HR benefits program authored and produced by SearchWrite founder Larry Sivitz for Great Western Bank. If you are wondering how you can call on celebrity "star power" to make your corporate presentations unforgettable, call on SearchWrite.

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