Client: MFORMA “Buy Buddy”

Scope:  Global Mobile Gaming and Content Providers

Mission:  Design and produce the world's first "portable, express-lane check-out register" for grabbing mobile games and content "on-the-fly."

Key Insight:  Using the Flash-based "Direct Object Model (DOM)," SearchWrite created what was the first portable, cross-domain purchasing system for mobile content. While Flash has nearly grown extinct, the concept has not. By registering i.) Country, ii.) Carrier, iii.) Handset, iv.) Age, v.) Title, and vi.) Phone Number, the mobile app can be directly transmitted to the phone. No App Store, no Play Store necessary. Are there really only three mobile app stores on the Web today?

Perspectives:  Would you be impressed if we told you we had created the first cross-domain shopping cart? Boy, is our face red!

Categories: Advertising/Collateral, Branding, Content, Direct Marketing, E-Commerce, Gaming, Identity, Link Building, Naming, New Product, SEO, SEP, Video, Web Architecture