Client: On the Road with Hanson

Scope:  Global Text and Video Chat

Mission:  Produce an online text chat with Yahoo!, then a satellite delivered video Webcast of the breakout, brotherly band known and loved as Hanson at the height of their "Mmm-bop" popularity.

Key Insight:  The "Tweener" demographic, young people between the ages of 10 and 15 years old, is projected to hit 23 million by 2020. When our daughters were this age, they became obsessed with the Hanson brothers. To fulfill their childhood fandom fantasies and get to know this dynamic market segment, SearchWrite produced a series of Internet meetups for Hanson.

Perspectives:  The "text chat" backstage at Seattle's Key Arena clogged Yahoo's servers with over 100,000 questions in the span of one hour. Yahoo labelled it the "Text Chat of the Year," and we had to wonder if we had not witnessed the cyber-equivalent of Beatlemania in Web-based terms.

Categories: Branding, Content, CyberJournalism, Place-Based, Social Media, Video, Web Architecture