Client: Holiday Extras (U.K.) Customer Awards

Scope:   Customer Awards Program, Online Community Relations & Link Building

Mission:  Advance brand leadership and search prominence by building a coalition across the many touch points of the travel industry with a multi-faceted Customer Award Program.

Key Insight:  An impeccable way to publicly acknowledge your company's high standard of service excellence is to recognize the same in others. By awarding travel industry partners in several categories, Holiday Extras has raised visibility for the community overall

Perspectives:  "We are amazed at the amount of SERP changes we have seen over the past few weeks in Google." - Steven Hill, SEO Manager.

"The Holiday Extras Customer Awards which are voted for by real holiday travelers every year, and are a true barometer of quality and customer service in the air travel industry today." - Lucre PR

"It has been more than gratifying to have placed our highest confidence in SearchWrite's capabilities." - Matthew Pack, President, Holiday Extras

To view the 2011 Holiday Extras Customer Awards Ceremony, please click here.

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